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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ferry the only way to get to Wagait?

No. Wagait Beach is at the northern end of the Cox Peninsula, which wraps around the north-west of Darwin. It takes about 1.5 hours (128km) to drive from Darwin city to Wagait beach. Simply head out of town on the Stuart Highway until you get to the Berry Springs turn-off on your right, which is Cox Peninsula Road. Follow it all the way to the end, where you'll turn left at your first “T” intersection, then right at the next. You’ll soon come to the turn off on the left to the Wagait store and our village centre... but if you continue along straight, you’ll come to the ferry wharf!

The drive is on a sealed road. It is rare for this well-drained road to be flooded, but if it ever is impassable, then many areas south of the Elizabeth River on the Stuart Highway and on the Cox Peninsula are also impassable.

Does the ferry service ever get cancelled?
Yes, on very rare occasions. Because of the very, very low tides experienced between October and December in 2016, service times were changed slightly. The only time the service is actually cancelled is if the seas and winds make the crossing and docking unsafe. In recent years, this has happened once due to a cyclone in the area. The ferry operators advise commuters via mobile phone messaging and on Facebook of the changes.
Is parking a problem?
Currently, there is sufficient free parking at Cullen Bay for ferry commuters. The parking area immediately at the jetty has no restrictions while other areas have a 2 hour limit (8am - 5pm Monday-Friday & 8am - 12noon Saturday) and 3 day restricted parking.
What is the biggest barramundi you’ve caught off the beach at the back of the property?
There’s nothing better than coming home from work, dropping the gear, changing your clothes, grabbing a rod and walking out the back door to chase a barra! The biggest we’ve caught ourselves is 98cm. Some of our visitors, however, have pulled metre+ barra from the front of our. Barra are only one of the many species on offer, too!
What do you do if you want a night off from cooking?

Cullen Bay offers a range of restaurants for easy dining. From Cullen Bay, the Casino is an easy 10 - 15 minute walk, although we tend to drive. This makes “date night” a real treat! The local supermarket has a range of takeaway meals and great fish and chips. Additionally, the Cox Club is a 5 minute walk from the house. On selected nights, it offers meals and is a great place to meet the locals.

Is it expensive to live at Wagait?

Rates are $560pa with an additional $300pa for waste collection. This is much lower than Darwin and adjacent Shires. The Ferry is $260 a month (daily, weekly, yearly and a 10 trip passes are also available), which is comparable to the cost of fuel for commuters in rural areas. It’s even better news for seniors and retirees... NT Seniors receive great discounts on rates, electricity, water, car registration and drivers licences, while Wagait Beach senior residents use the ferry for FREE!

Why on earth are you selling?
That’s a tough one. We’ve loved every minute that we’ve lived at Lure Inn. From planning, designing and building her, through sharing her with folk from all over the world when we ran our Bed & Breakfast business, to the more relaxed, recent years when we’ve just lapped it up for ourselves.The lifestyle, the peace and tranquillity with easy access to the city, the people in the community... we will miss each and every aspect, we will cry all the way to the border and beyond... but, it’s simply time to move on. We have lived in the Darwin area for over 30 years. Our adventures and our experiences in the Northern Territory have been exceptional. We have a passion for the outdoors, especially fishing. It is time for us to reach out enjoy new challenges and see another parts of Australia. We are craving a change and casting our eyes south. We will miss our tropical paradise, so are seeking the right people to hand her to.
What is your asking price?
You won’t believe it, when we tell you... $990,000. We are selling privately, so we can drop the agents’ fees.
Did you really take all of the photos on your property?
Most are on our property... yep, it really is that idyllic! The fishing and wildlife shots have been taken at home or on the beach in front of the property. Others, however, are in Wagait surrounds. It’s an amazing place. You just have to experience it for yourself!
What do you do in the case of emergency?
Ring Royal Darwin Hospital, ask for the District Medical Officer who will assess the issue. If required they will organise nurses who are based 15km away at Belyuen Aboriginal Community to attend. The situation will be reassessed and appropriate medical assistance will be offered. If necessary, an ambulance will take the patient into Darwin or a Care Flight Helicopter will be dispatched, if quicker attention is required. Our community centre does have a medical clinic which opens for a couple of hours once day a week and is also used in emergencies (see above).
Is the garden hard to maintain?
The garden has been planted with mostly native or drought-resistant plants. During the dry season, only the plants adjacent to house require water—and even then, it’s infrequent.  We like to keep the grassed area at the front entrance watered during the dry season, just for the luxury of ‘a little green'.
What happens if your water tanks empty?
When/if needed, you can purchase additional water. PowerWater Corporation offers a card system and residents with their own water cart can collect water from the local reservoir . Alternatively, there are two water carters in the community who will deliver water as required.
How do the kids get to school?
A school bus picks children up at the door and supervises them onto the 7:20am ferry. A Darwin school bus meets them at Cullen Bay. The reverse happens in the afternoon forthe 3pm ferry service. The 7:20am and 3pm Ferry services are designated for school children, who take priority over adults should there be a problem. After-school activities are also provided by the Council.